What If…

YouFailing is not Always failure might have been asked the question, “What if you knew you couldn’t fail?”  What would you do?  What risks would you take? I’ve asked myself this but when I think about it, I think it’s a fairly easy question.

I’d do anything.

If I couldn’t fail, why not do anything?  Invest all my money in one stock? Sure, I’m not going to fail.  Go skydiving? Why not?  I’m guaranteed to make it to the ground.  Talk to a room full of thousands?  You got it.  I think there is a better question we need to ask ourselves.

What if we weren’t afraid to fail?

That’s the tougher question because the chance of failure is still there.  This also makes it a more realistic question.  I am going to fail.  You are going to fail.  Maybe not today or in a horrible way but the truth is that failure is going to happen. We all work so hard to avoid failure, it’s not a fun thing to go through.

I hate failure.  I try to avoid it so much that sometimes I won’t even start something if I know there is a fair chance that I will fail.  The thing I am starting to learn though is that each failure is making me stronger.

Failure doesn't mean the game is over

I have been trying to grow this blog and share my message with a wider audience.  A lot of the things that I have done to try and make that happen have failed.  At first, I let it get me down.  I felt like a loser and thought that maybe I just wasn’t suppose to be a blogger.  I kept trying but nothing was happening.  While I was wallowing I realized that each failure taught me something.  It made me think in a different way to find something that would work.  I was growing and getting better even though it felt like I was one giant failure.

Michael Jordan Quote

Working on your health can feel a lot like that.  You try something new and it doesn’t work out.  You don’t lose the weight you wanted or you can’t change your eating habits or exercise still feels like torture.  Failure happens a lot when you work on your health and a lot of the time we let failure win.  We quit and go back to our old habits because we obviously don’t have what it takes.

Don’t quit.

Nelson Mandela

Let that failure teach you something.  Maybe that strategy didn’t work but there is one that will work.  Keep trying and realize that those failures are making you stronger.  Each time you fail but keep going you are making yourself better and making progress toward your goals even if it doesn’t feel like it.

Don’t ask yourself what you would do if you couldn’t fail, ask yourself what you’re going to do when failure happens.  If the answer is get back up and try again, you are already winning.

Winston Churchill Quote