Ode To My Body

Thank you for allowing me to run as many miles as you have.  They have made me realize I can endure anything both on the trail and in life.

RunKeeper Monday Miles

Thank you for allowing me to try new poses in yoga.  They have made me realize I am flexible, both on the mat and in my day to day routine.

Mermaid Pose

Thank you for allowing me to lift heavy weights.  They have made me realize I am strong, both under the bar and under pressure.

Crossfit Workout

Thank you for allowing me to walk everywhere.  They have made me realize I can use my own to feet to go anywhere, both in my neighborhood and with my goals.

Chicago Skyline

I’m sorry for all the harsh things I have said to you over the years.  You were doing the best you could in each situation and I couldn’t see that at the time.

Body Image Quote

I’m sorry for comparing you to other bodies out there.  You aren’t meant to be like any other bodies and to compare made you feel unworthy of all the unique talents you have.

Comparison Quote

I’m sorry for punishing you when you did nothing wrong.  It was my insecurities and skewed views that thought I should fix things that weren’t even wrong.

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I’m sorry for the years of hating you and wishing you would change just to fit what I thought was perfect.  I missed so much of what was good by focusing only on the bad.

Hating your body quote

I can’t say that I will always be good to you.  There will probably be some times that I struggle to be kind but know that I’m working on it.  I’m trying to change my stubborn ways because you deserve that.

I promise to praise you for all that you can do, encourage you to work towards what you are trying to do, and not criticize you for what you can’t do.

You’ve carried me through a lot of tough times and I promise that I will reward you for all the hard work you’ve accomplished.

Love your body

Thank you.

Along Lake Michigan