Dance Parties, Blind Superheros, And Other Things I’m Loving

Today’s post is gonna be short, sweet, and fun.

I spent most 3 moms and 4 generations of yesterday at my parent’s house making food and hanging with my momma for Mother’s Day.  You guys.  My mom?  She is the bees knees.  I know everyone thinks that about their moms but it’s especially true in my case.  She is the most amazing person ever and I am so lucky that I got to be her daughter.  Not that I really had any choice in the matter, but you get what I mean.  I hope you did something nice for your mom yesterday.  I mean she did kind of give birth to you and then put up with you for 18 or so years and you probably still go over there and eat all her food so the least you could do is tell her you love her and maybe get her some flowers or something…. Ok moving on.

Here is a random list of things that are making me happy these days:

Warm weather: Spring has finally sprung in Chicago It’s still a bit sketchy around here temperature wise, but last week we did have some days that reached the 80’s and it was GLORIOUS.  I am waiting for the day when the weatherman says “but cooler along the lakefront”, and it doesn’t mean crying while walking into a 30 mph, 40 degree northwind.  Soon….

New shelves/decorations:  Adam and I have been upping our apartment decor and I am loving it.  We got a new kitchen table, some shelves, a new storage unit for behind our couch, new curtains, and Adam built these awesome yoga mat holders.  They were really easy to put together and then I painted them with some chalkboard paint and he mounted them onto the wall.   Because our apartment is small it helps to have organization and anything that we can get off the floor helps.  We still have a few more things that we would like to get (new lights) but I’m quite pleased with how things are shaping up!

Yoga mat holders Homemade Yoga Mat Holders

New storage from IKEA New shelf from IKEA New Shelf from IKEA

Plantains and tea:  For the longest time I was obsessed with my Plantain Porridge.  Then one day I was totally done with it.  Like didn’t want to look at or eat another plantain at all.  Then a few weeks ago I saw them sitting in the grocery store and I picked up a few.  They sat on my counter while I thought about what to do with them.  On a whim I sliced them up, covered them with a little coconut oil and put them in the waffle maker.  They were SO good.  Waffle makers are like one of the best appliances because you can make anything in them.  I have made eggs, hash browns, sandwiches, waffles (duh), and now maduros (fried sweet plantains). Moral of the story?  Make all your meals in a waffle iron.  I also found a new tea I’ve been enjoying, Good Earth Tropical Rush.  It’s a green tea with all these fruity flavors like mango and lemongrass and it reminds me of summer and makes me happy.  Maybe if I drink a lot of it summer will get here faster….

Singing and dancing like a buffoon:  This isn’t a new thing for me but I like to have afternoon concerts/dance parties in my apartment.  I pretty much turn on Pandora really loud and sing and dance like nobodies business.  Except for maybe my neighbors since they have to hear/possibly see me dancing through the window.  But they shouldn’t complain because I sing and dance like a pro and they should be thankful for the entertainment.  I mean who else is going to blast Barry Manilow’s Somewhere In The Night and dance with their cat?  No one that’s who.  You’re welcome judgey neighbor across the hall.

Daredevil on Netflix: Daredevil on Netflix  If you’re not good with violence DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW.  It’s like Game Of Thrones level violence.  There were some scenes that I had to close my eyes at but I am really loving this show.  My dad is a huge superhero buff and all my life I have grown up watching any and every superhero movie or show and this is one of my favorites.  I was a little hesitant at first because it seemed like all it was going to be was fighting porn with no storyline but that changes dramatically in the second half of the series.  I think what I love most about it is that the hero and the villain both want the same thing, to improve their city, but they go about it in completely different ways.  I like my heroes to have a little bit of a dark side/conflict and Daredevil definitely has that.  Plus the dude is blind and kicks serious butt.  If you have Netflix go watch it now.

Ok that’s enough rambling from me.  What did you do this weekend?  What things are making you love life right now?

Have a super Monday!

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