What Makes You Light Up?


Before you get all sassy on me, don’t say fire or light bulbs (looking at you mom).  Rather, what makes you the happiest?  What makes you get all excited to get going in the morning?  Are you making that your priority?

This is a question that I have been asking myself a lot lately.  I spent a lot of my time in college, a place where you should be finding and doing what you love, doing things because I felt that I had to.  I had to be a music major, I had to pass my music classes, I had to do well on auditions so that I could get into the ensemble that I had to be in, I had to do this or that or some other thing.  Looking back, I wasted time. That’s been a hard concept for me to admit and accept and say out loud.

No one wants to say they made the wrong choice.


But those are the cold hard facts.  Life isn’t about always getting it right.  It’s about taking what you have and learning from it and making it better the next time.  I spent a lot of time bemoaning my situation after college.  Luckily I had Adam to help me from becoming a depressed shut in and I found a job I loved and allowed me to find other things that did light me up.

Food, health, and helping others.


I love those things.  They make happy.  They get me excited to get up in the morning.  I’m trying to make those a priority career wise.  I can honestly say that I light up when I work on my blog or offer advice to a reader or come up with a new recipe.

Finding your passion is all part of having a healthy and balanced life.  Sure eating right and exercising are good things, but they aren’t the only things.  You can’t neglect your passions for too long before you start to feel like something is missing and your health can begin to suffer.


That’s why I want to urge you to not only take care of your body but your mind and soul as well.  Today, sit down and think about what you love.  Things that make you smile or cheer you up when you’re down.  Find ways to incorporate those things into your day.  Whether that’s with your career, your hobbies, or a side project, make them happen.  No excuses, fit something you love into your day no matter what.

Now, what makes you light up?