Just A Thought

I had a great weekend spending time with my in-laws, watching marching bands, and celebrating my upcoming birthday.  It was nice to relax with my family and spend time together.


With all of my relaxing this weekend (there may have been a few glasses of wine), I don’t have a very long post for you today but I do have a thought.  I have noticed that with all the social media out there, we have become people who are constantly comparing.  I didn’t realize how much it was affecting me until I would find myself looking at pictures on Instagram and comparing my life to them.  I didn’t just compare my health or body or food but my clothes, my apartment, essentially my life.  Somehow there was always someone who had something bigger or better or seemingly more perfect.  My life just didn’t seem to meet their standards and it was making me grumpy.  I took a step back and realized how silly it is to want my life to meet OTHER people’s standards.


How often do you try and compare yourself to others, fall short, and then feel inadequate?  Probably more than you know.  It’s impossible to totally isolate yourself from social media, but even if you could there are still opportunities to compare.  There will always be other people who seem to have everything in life and you wish you could be just like them, but that will never make you happy.  You will end up always reaching for things and never have time to enjoy all the great things you already have.  I stopped caring what my life looked like next to the person standing next to me and what do you know, I’m a lot happier.  My life is amazing and it’s my life so the only person that needs to set the standard is me.  It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing, as long as I’m achieving my goals and satisfied with things, it’s all good.  Take one day to stop comparing and see how much better your life and all the things you do really are.  Because you are a very awesome person.


Have a great Monday!