My Favorite Camping Recipes

Adam and I are off to our first camping trip of the summer and I am super pumped.  I know camping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it’s nice to head outside and get away from our phones and computers and TV for just a few days.  Plus, I get to cook over an open fire and somehow, everything is just tastier.  My Favorite Camping Recipes | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading

From Indiana to Missouri

I’m a world-traveler this week!  Ok, not really since I’m primarily staying in the Midwest, but I’m still getting out and about this week.

This weekend Adam and I went camping in Indiana at the Duneswood Campground and it was awesome!  I liked our first camping trip but the weather this time around was amazing.  Pleasantly warm during the day and nice and cool at night.

We got there Friday afternoon and promptly set up camp and bought enough food to feed a small army for a week.  What can I say?  I don’t want to run out of food!  I didn’t take into account the time of year when I started cooking because by 6:15 it was dark and I was prepping food by lantern.

From Indiana to Missouri | Life Healthfully Lived

Food NOT made in the dark

From Indiana to Missouri | Life Healthfully Lived

Oh well, it was still delicious.

Saturday we went hiking and while this trail was not as difficult as the Palisades, most of the trail was also a horse trail and it was covered in sand.  Hiking in sand is a little tiring after about oh…. five minutes.  But we did see some fun things on our hike.

Like this sea bug (which I think is a crawfish?): From Indiana to Missouri | Life Healthfully LivedFrom Indiana to Missouri | Life Healthfully Lived

This adorable frog who held still long enough for me to get his picture: From Indiana to Missouri | Life Healthfully Lived

Neon orange fungus that I’m SURE isn’t poisonous: From Indiana to Missouri | Life Healthfully Lived

We also stopped at the beach really quick but were pretty tired after hiking almost 10 miles.  We came back to camp and I proceeded to make a delicious dinner (I’ll share a recipe soon) while it was still light out and we enjoyed the peace and quiet of the great outdoors.

From Indiana to Missouri | Life Healthfully Lived

Exhausted but we made it to the beach!

This week I’m headed out to Rolla, Missouri to spend some time with my roomies/besties.  I’m super excited because we haven’t all been in the same place since my wedding almost four years ago.  Good times are sure to follow.

I won’t be posting any new recipes this week, but I promise there will be some new ones coming your way soon.  I hope you have a great week!  From Indiana to Missouri | Life Healthfully Lived