Slow Cooker Italian Beef

Deep dish pizza.

Hot dogs without ketchup.

Polish Sausages (said like this).

Garrett’s Popcorn.

Italian Beef (Portillos or bust).

In case you couldn’t tell, us Chicagoans like food.  Lots of food.  Cheesy, meaty, delicious food.  Stick to your rib (and thighs and stomach and booty) food.

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Make Ahead Meals

Happy Monday!  I’m all sorts of in a good mood thanks to the beautiful weather we’ve been enjoying lately.  Spring has sprung round these parts and it’s here in full force.  Trees are budding, grass is green, flowers are blooming, and bugs are back.

Hey, not everything about spring can be sunshine and rainbows.

Make Ahead Meals | Life Healthfully Lived

Actual picture of me and Adam. I’ll let you guess which one is which…

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Nori Breakfast Wraps: A Tutorial

I think for the past, oh billion Monday’s or so, I’ve mentioned making nori breakfast wraps as part of my meal prep on the weekends.  I think I’ve mentioned an equal amount of times that I would share with you what they are… and then never really did.

Well, I’m changing that today! Because I’m a responsible adult!  But mostly because I actually remembered to take pictures throughout the process of making them. Breakfast Nori Wrap: A Tutorial | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading