Feeling New

What is it about a fresh cut and color that makes you feel like a brand new person?  I don’t know but I love it.  For about two days after a cut and color I feel like a rockstar and then when I go to style it the same way… I fail miserably and go back to regular Katie.

But it’s fun while it lasts. Feeling New | Life Healthfully Lived

If you couldn’t tell, I got my hair cut and colored on Monday and I love it.  I was starting to get a little bored of my current hair and decided to use some of my birthday money (yup, still get birthday money at 31) to freshen up my look. Feeling New | Life Healthfully Lived

This weekend was nice and slow.  After a few clients on Saturday morning, Adam and I spent the day together.  We didn’t do anything fancy (unless you count buying some new winter clothes and yarn fancy) and then we had a nice evening in.

Feeling New | Life Healthfully Lived

Who doesn’t like finding treasures like these at thrift stores on their anniversary?

We made papas rellenas for dinner and I put together a brookie for dessert.  If you’ve never had a brookie, do yourself a favor and get on it.  It’s essentially a brownie on the bottom and a cookie on the top and it’s delicious.  I made a triple fudge brownie and a macadamia nut cookie and I think I died and went to heaven. Feeling New | Life Healthfully Lived

We also watched Avengers: Infinity Wars because Adam had never seen it.  My dad is a superhero fanatic, so I have always grown up with a love of superheroes, especially Marvel ones.  I was sad to hear of Stan Lee’s passing but in awe of the worlds he created and how his imagination has reached millions. Feeling New | Life Healthfully Lived

Sunday we spent the day getting ready for the week and relaxing.  Oh!  And getting our library cards and books!  I remember getting my first library card from MPPL many moons ago when I was a wee one and it was fun to get a new one as an adult.  I still love the library and could spend the day there just browsing the stacks.

I’m totally going to be the aunt that gives books as presents.  I’m ok with that.

How was your weekend?  Anything fun?