Painter’s Paradise

I totally meant for that title to make you think of Gangsta’s Paradise, but it probably didn’t.  Oh well, you’re thinking of it now!

Moving right along… Painter's Paradise | Life Healthfully Lived

Adam and I are finally done with all the wallpaper removal and painting in our soon to be home.  Well, we have a few more touch ups and what not left, but 99% of the job is done.  Now I just have to clean things up back there and it’s ready for us to move in October. Painter's Paradise | Life Healthfully Lived

Which, BTW, is pretty much almost here.  We have had a stretch of some gorgeous fall-like days here and it is wonderful.  After our last bout of heat and humidity, I think everyone was waiting impatiently for fall to arrive.

While I enjoyed all the fall weather this weekend, I also tried something new.  My mom and I tried out a free Pilates class at Club Pilates.  A new branch opened up near us and we decided to see what it’s all about.  You know something funny?  I have never taken an exercise class.  I’ve always worked out on my own at home or made my own routine up at the gym.  It was kind of fun to workout in a group. Painter's Paradise | Life Healthfully Lived

It was also fun to work out with the reformer.  I’ve done mat Pilates before but never used the machine.  I like that it was resistance along with stretching.  I plan to go to class twice a week and I’m excited to take a full class instead of just the 30-minute free intro.

Did you see that I actually posted a BRAND NEW recipe on Friday?  Yeah, I was just as shocked.  Life round these parts has been anything but normal lately, so it was nice to actually make a recipe, take the time to photograph it, and then share it with you.  Take a look at it when you get the chance and make it, because it’s pretty darn tasty.

Alright, enough rambling on.  Time to get back to work (Dad and I have an electrician working on our garage today) and get on with this week!