The Hunt for a House

I’ve said it a few times over on Instagram… and at least once here, I think.  I can’t remember.  Life is kind of a blur right now.  Anyways, Adam and I are looking for our first house.  It’s exciting, stressful, scary, nervewracking, and pretty much every other emotion on the spectrum.

So it’s super awesome riding that emotional roller coaster. The Hunt for a House | Life Healthfully Lived

We actually looked at our first houses in person on Saturday and while two of them were an instant nope, we found one that we seriously considered putting in an offer.  We got excited, got everything together, started planning all the things we would do with the house, emotionally invested ourselves…. and then found out it was in a high-risk flood zone and the flood insurance would put our monthly payment too high for our budget.

It was kind of a blow.  Ok, it was more than kind of a blow.  I’m so ready to have a house with Adam that it was tough to think I was really close and then it didn’t happen.  And while I know that there are other houses out there and we will find the perfect one for us, it was still a tough thing to handle.  But I guess that’s kind of the name of the game when it comes to real estate.  Don’t get too attached until you have the keys in your hand.  The Hunt for a House | Life Healthfully Lived

So it’s back to the drawing board.  Which means I will be scouring all real estate websites and texting our agent every 4.5 seconds with questions or possible places to look.  Oh, and working and taking care of the house and all my other normal duties…


I haven’t done a menu or meal prep recap on the blog in quite some time and it’s because I’ve been throwing just a few simple things together when I get a moment and then relying on freezer meals or on sale Applegate hot dogs.  No judgment, because life happens and sometimes you have to have a hot dog for dinner.

The Hunt for a House | Life Healthfully Lived

Is that enough for a down payment?

I did get a few moments this weekend to prep a few things like:

As for our menu this week?  I’m sure it’s subject to change at the drop of a hat, but here is my rough guess for how things will go down:

  • Monday- Frittata with sweet potato fries.  I basically make frittatas when I have a bunch of random ingredients that don’t necessarily go together.
  • Tuesday- Sausage and peppers.  This is my long day and this is a quick dinner.
  • Wednesday- Crispy chicken thighs and roasted vegetables because yum.
  • Thursday- Seared Ahi Tuna and veg… maybe.  We might have an evening showing this day and dinner might be leftovers or at my parent’s house.
  • Friday- Chipotle.  Adam and I will be on the road headed to his folk’s house in Indiana for before 4th of July festivities.

Like I said, these meals could and probably will change.  This is just where my life is at this point and I’m oddly ok with that.  I think even a few years ago I would have freaked at not having a set routine that I followed day after day but now?  Things have to change and rather than fight it, I can go with it.  It’s much better that way.

Alright.  I’ve word vomitted enough and it’s time to get back to looking at all the houses.

Happy Monday Friends! The Hunt for a House | Life Healthfully Lived




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