Boom. That’s Spaghetti

You know what’s an excellent way to spend your Sunday?  Doing food prep and watching 90’s movies.  Most of which are Disney movies.

I mean, can you really get any better than that?

Boom. That's Spaghetti | Life Healthfully Lived


I did also manage to take a nice long walk by the lake with my husband, come up with new recipes for the blog, take pictures, FINALLY put together a tutorial on the nori breakfast rolls I keep telling you about, and finish up some work for the week.

So I was productive AND indulged my inner child.  Is that what it means to be an adult?  Because if so, I NAILED it this weekend.

Another reason I’m feeling very adult-y lately?  I’m am chugging right along in my nutrition course.  I’ve wrapped up the first unit (about 9-ish chapters) which covered the basics of biology and how it relates to the food we eat.  I knew generally about most of the information, but it was fascinating to go into more detail and realize how amazing our bodies really are.  I mean, we turn things like pizza into fuel to move around.  Not to get all Andy Dwyer about it, but come on.  That’s pretty awesome. Boom. That's Spaghetti | Life Healthfully Lived

I’m now getting into unit two and learning about how to actually work with clients and different strategies to help them reach their goals.  This is the stuff I’m most excited about and I can’t wait until I get to actually work with people and use what I’m learning.

All good things going down over here!

So back to the food.  Because I will always go back for the food 🙂 Here is our menu this week:

Boom. That's Spaghetti | Life Healthfully Lived

New chicken, Scotch eggs, sweet potato fries, hard boiled eggs, and mayo.

  • Monday- A new marinated chicken (recipe coming soon) and Scotch eggs (still working on it but getting closer!)
  • Tuesday- Enchiladas for the husband and I’m thinking something simple like a burger with allll the avocado for me.
  • Wednesday- Crispy chicken thighs because they are just so dang good (and sweet potato fries for the hubby because I’m so dang nice).
  • Thursday- You guessed it… seared ahi tuna with some roasted vegetables.
  • Friday- Last Friday I found a package of thinly cut bottom round steak which I quickly seared and then put on top of lemon pappardelle for Adam and Miracle Noodles for me.  It was quick and delicious.

Other things I got ready:

Boom. That's Spaghetti | Life Healthfully Lived

Oatmeal bars and nori wraps

  • Baked Oatmeal Bars with cacao powder for a chocolatey treat in the morning.
  • Hardboiled eggs
  • Homemade mayo because I haven’t made it in a long time and it was time for it.
  • Salt-cured egg yolks (these are the instructions I follow)
  • Cut up sweet potatoes for the aforementioned sweet potato fries.
  • Nori breakfast wraps (tutorial coming Wednesday!)
  • Roasted leafy greens for the week.
  • Another batch of herb salt because my cilantro was starting to get wilty.
  • Lunches for Adam and I all portioned out.

I think I am fully prepared for the week and that is always a good feeling on a Monday!  What did you do over the weekend?