….. Spring?

Is that you Spring?  Are you here?  Is it really you?  PLEASE BE HERE!

We have had a good few days of warm-ish weather and more than average sunshine.  I don’t want to jinx it, but I think that we might finally have a new season on our hands… ... Spring? | Life Healthfully Lived

Saturday was chocked full of family and food.  We started the day at work.  Yes, we.  Adam got to come with me (much to his delight) because we had things to do all day away from the city.  It was fun to have him come along and finally see where I work every day.

After work, we headed to Carpentersville (where both my parents lived as kids) for a memorial service.  My mom’s best friend’s mom passed away a few weeks ago and we celebrated her life Saturday afternoon.  While it was sad, it was nice to spend some time with friends.

Later on, we met up with my dad’s side of the family because my cousin Andrew was in town with his fiancee Meghan.  They live in Montana and the last time I saw Andrew was like five or six years ago.  It was nice to catch up with him and meet Meghan!  They’re coming over to my parent’s house on Tuesday for breakfast, so I’ll get to hang out with them one more time before they head back home.

Adam and I finally got home a little before 9 pm and pretty much collapsed in bed.  It’s always a little tiring when we have to spend the majority of the day in the suburbs and then head back to the city.  It will be nice when we’re a little closer to BOTH our families and can spend more time with them.

Sunday was spent catching up on work and getting ready for the week ahead.  We also took a long, glorious walk along the lakefront and it WASN’T freezing.  All in all, it was quite a wonderful day.

I also spent a little bit of time getting food ready for the rest of the week because it’s just what I do!  Here’s our menu for this week:

  • Monday- Scotch eggs for the husband and Simple Mustard Chicken for me.  I’ve been experimenting a little with Scotch eggs, and I think I’m getting closer to a not gross recipe.
  • Tuesday- Chicken stir-fry with leftover shredded chicken I froze from the last time I made a whole chicken.
  • Wednesday- Crispy chicken thighs and vegetables.
  • Thursday- Seared Ahi tuna and vegetables… of course.
  • Friday- Last Friday’s dinner was kind of a weird creation, guacamole soup.  I have no idea where I came up with the idea, but it worked out pretty well!  Maybe I’ll put it on the blog…

Other prepped food for the week:

  • Lunches for both Adam and me
  • Hardboiled eggs for the hubs
  • Baked Oatmeal Bars (added cacao powder because yum!0
  • Cut up a couple of sweet potatoes into fries for quick dinner sides
  • Roasted up some broccoli rabe for dinners
  • Nori rolls for a quick breakfast for me (I promise these aren’t as gross as they sound)
  • Adam also made a few loaves of sourdough bread for himself.  While I can’t partake in the yeasty goodness, I do love the smell of baking bread! ... Spring | Life Healthfully Lived

Alright, it’s time to get this week started!  I hope your Monday is awesome and your week is fantastic!