Monday Things: Snow & The Winter Olympics

Chicago got some snow this weekend.  In fact, we got some snow pretty much every day starting on Thursday and going all the way through Sunday.  I think we got something like 10 inches total?  I don’t know.  All I know is that there was a lot of snow. Monday Things: Snow & Winter Olympics | Life Healthfully Lived

Friday the city and surrounding areas pretty much shut down.  Schools were closed, a lot of people didn’t have to go into work (including me and Adam), and we all hunkered down.  Well, I sort of hunkered down by going to the grocery store and making sure we had food to eat.

The other thing we did on Friday was watch the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.  If you remember from the 2016 Olympics, I seriously love the games.  Even though the Winter Olympics don’t get as much hype as the summer games, I think they are still just as fun.  I like watching sports that I don’t normally see and seeing people at the top of their game is always inspiring.  Monday Things: Snow & Winter Olympics | Life Healthfully Lived

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Olympics if I didn’t watch events while shoving my face full of food.  Saturday night I made the most amazing roasted chicken in the oven.  I did a dry brine (which means I rubbed salt all over the chicken and then let it dry out overnight in the fridge) and then I made a paste out of 4th & Heart Garlic Ghee and shwarma spices.  The chicken was incredibly juicy and if I wasn’t sharing with Adam, I might have eaten the skin all by myself.  Lesson I learned: ALWAYS dry brine your bird.

I promise to recreate that chicken soon and try to take some pictures before I devour it so I can share it on the blog! Monday Things: Snow & Winter Olympics | Life Healthfully Lived

Sunday I made Adam take another snowy morning walk with me but this time it wasn’t blowing tiny ice pellets in our face the whole time.  It was really pretty actually because more snow (go figure) had fallen overnight and it was early enough that not many people were out.  I also love how the lake looks like the frozen tundra (or Hoth if you’re my husband) in the winter.  Monday Things: Snow & Winter Olympics | Life Healthfully Lived

The rest of Sunday was spent meal prepping and watching more Olympic games.  Like speed skating which has the most UNflattering uniforms ever.  The things I prepped for dinners/lunches for this week:

  • Lunches for me: Salad with romaine, olives, sauerkraut, pickles, salmon, and I’ll add an avocado in the morning.  Yes, it’s a weird and perhaps gross combo, but I’m enjoying it lately. Monday Things: Snow & Winter Olympics | Life Healthfully Lived
  • Monday dinner: Lamb & turkey meatballs over orzo for Adam and these noodles for me.  I also made a tomato avocado sauce.
  • Tuesday: Baked drumsticks (they were on sale last week) and roasted vegetables.  I’m testing a new recipe this night so I’ll let you know how it goes!
  • Wednesday: Tandoori chicken thighs… like the past two Wednesday’s.
  • Thursday: Seared Ahi tuna and roasted vegetables.  This is my work late night and this is the easiest dinner to make with minimal effort and time.
  • Friday: We’ll see!
  • I also made: shredded and roasted artichokes for breakfast wraps, hard-boiled eggs for Adam, cut up vegetables, my cream cheese, and bone broth for sipping!

It seems like a lot, but it took me maybe a total of three hours over two days to get all this ready.  Doing meal prep like this is really making my week a lot easier and it’s one less thing I need to worry about.

How was your weekend?