A New Kind of Meal Prep Monday

I’m going to be honest with you, life feels a little crazy right now.  Ever since my decision to start a new job with my dad, I’ve been trying to find some sort of rhythm/routine/pattern.

It hasn’t quite happened yet.  A New Kind of Meal Prep Monday | Life Healthfully Lived

And I’m struggling with it.  Mostly because for the past five years, my days looked relatively the same.  I created my schedule and I mostly stuck with it.  And if something had to change, I was able to go with the flow.

Now that routine has been thrown out the window and for the past few weeks, I’ve felt like I’m just holding on as tight as possible for the ride.  I’m traveling more, I’m home less, and my day-to-day looks different depending on when we have clients.  Needless to say, I’m a little off-kilter.

I talked about struggling for balance and I’m definitely still there.  I also talked about how I’m meal prepping to keep some level of sanity in my life.  Well, I’m still meal prepping but I’m doing it entirely different than usual.  Which is adding to the chaos but also keeping me calm?  Trust me, that last sentence doesn’t make sense to me either.

Usually, when I meal prep, I get the components of meals ready.  Occasionally I’ll make an entire meal, but for the most part, I was always home to get whatever meal I was about to eat put together.  That isn’t really true anymore.  So instead I’m actually meal prepping full meals.  I’ve got all of my lunches made, I make my breakfast the night before, and dinners are all planned out and for the most part ready to go.  Meal prepping this way is taking a little bit to get used to, but I can already tell it will help my week go just a little bit smoother.

I am all for a little smoother of a ride right now.

So what did I get ready this week? A New Kind of Meal Prep | Life Healthfully Lived

  • Cheeseburger hash for Monday dinner (I’ll serve it with vegetables over caulirice)
  • Blanched collard greens for lunch wraps (stuff them with meat, more veggies, etc.)
  • Cut up broccoli, bell peppers, celery
  • Oatmeal bars for the husband (subbed in leftover pineapple for the cranberries)
  • Cream cheese (recipe coming Wednesday!)
  • Marinated olives for salads
  • All lunch salads ready to go with a variety of things like pickles, daikon, olives, sauerkraut, and sardines (yup it’s weird but I like it) and I’ll add avocado in the morning.
  • Chia pudding with a coconut butter shell (afternoon snack to get me through to dinner) A New Kind of Meal Prep Monday | Life Healthfully Lived

Not pictured:

  • Chicken thighs de-boned and marinating for Wednesday dinner
  • Roasted artichokes for breakfast nori wraps (recipe coming: not as weird as you think)
  • Greens washed and ready for quick dinner sides
  • Hardboiled eggs for hubby’s lunches
  • RFL packets prepped for easy morning blending

What do you do to plan your weekly meals?  Prep entire meals or just the components?

I know I’ve spent a lot of time talking about balance and feeling crazy, but that’s because it’s on my mind a lot now.  I’m not a huge embracer of change, so this new chapter in life is overwhelming.  But it’s overwhelming in the best way possible.  I think we forget it’s ok to feel overwhelmed, but at some point or another, we all get that way.

Take deep breaths.

Fix your eyes on your goal.


And keep on chugging because this too shall pass.

Happy Monday my friends!