A Case For Meatless Monday

Allow me to get up on my tiny pedestal for just a moment and talk to you about some things.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to get too preachy.  I just want to share some things that I’ve learned recently. A Case For Meatless Monday | Life Healthfully Lived

Over the weekend, Adam and I helped his mom move down in Indiana.  It’s about a four-hour drive from Chicago, so we had some time in the car.  We really like listening to podcasts when we have the time (hello, Serial) and started a new one on this trip.

Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting puts out podcasts about different issues and topics.  Things like politics, the environment, human rights, money…. you get the idea.  On our trip, Adam and I listened to an episode about water.  I know it sounds dull but it was really eye-opening.

It started with the water crisis that is going on in Yemen.  Hint: It’s not good.  While that’s concerning, it isn’t until the episode comes to California that you start to get nervous.  The water supply there is extremely low and before you say, “Well, of course, it is Katie.  They’re in a drought.”  Turns out, their water problems started BEFORE the drought was even an issue.  A Case For Meatless Monday | Life Healthfully Lived

I won’t go into all the details of the episode because you should really listen to it yourself.  But I will mention, one of the biggest contributing factors to our growing water problems?  Feeding humans.  Everything we eat needs water to grow, whether that’s plants or meat.  Unfortunately, Americans have a massive consumption of meat and meat takes more water than any other food we eat.

Which is why I’m asking you to just CONSIDER eating meatless for ONE day.  I don’t want you to give up all meat, I’m not asking you to totally change your lifestyle.  I’m just asking you to give it a try one day a week.  While scientists and researchers are doing their best to help fix our water problem (again, listen to the episode), we can all help with simple things like not eating meat one day out of the week.  A Case For Meatless Monday | Life Healthfully Lived

Need some meatless recipe inspiration?  Well, you’re in luck!  Here are just a few of the many meatless recipes I have on my blog that are simple and delicious:

You can also visit the Meatless Monday website for more recipe ideas and tips on cutting meat out of your day.  You don’t have to completely overhaul your life, but you should be conscious of the food that goes in your mouth and how it affects our environment. A Case For Meatless Monday | Life Healthfully Lived

Especially if we want it all to last!

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