Dogs & Pumpkin Patches

I mean what could be better than everyone’s favorite fall squash and a bunch of dogs?  Not much my friend.

I spent a few days watching my parent’s dogs while they were in Michigan.  I like that as long as I have my computer and internet connection, I can continue to do my job.  Thanks freelance work! So for a few days, I got to hang out with my dogs and work on stuff for the blog.

I experimented with some new recipes for the blog, including pumpkin pie granola, chia pudding, and a twist on walking tacos.  Apparently I was feeling a little creative this weekend.

Dogs & Pumpkin Patches | Life Healthfully Lived

Soon to be on the blog and in your belly

I also got to go to Goebbert’s Farm with Adam, Jodie, and Andy.  We got some pumpkins, checked how tall Adam was this fall, and the boys got donuts and hotdogs.  Don’t ask.  After the farm, we headed to Andy and Jo’s apartment and I got to meet Bronson!!

Dogs & Pumpkin Patches | Life Healthfully Lived

He’s so tall this fall!

Dogs & Pumpkin Patches | Life Healthfully Lived

Like I said, hotdogs and donuts

A few weeks ago Andy and Jo adopted an 8-month-old chocolate lab.  He is just the sweetest!  Like any good aunt, I got him a new toy and made him homemade treats so he would love me best.  I know what’s up.  I also got to spend some one on one time with him on Sunday and he is seriously just the best.  I may steal him….

So that was my past few days.  It was fun but I am definitely glad to be back home to my fur babies.  Luckily, Olaf seems to be doing better and we go back to the vet this week to check things out.  What fun things did you do with your weekend?