Spanish Olive & Tomato Soup

I was going to call this Spanish Taco Soup but my husband quickly pointed out that they don’t eat tacos in Spain.  In fact, tortilla in Spain is an ENTIRELY different thing than tortilla in Mexico.  The Spanish version is more akin to a frittata than the corn/flour tortillas you find South of the border. Spanish Olive & Tomato Soup | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading

Autumn Eggplant Rollatini

I think eggplants can be really good or really bad.  You need to prepare it just right or else it becomes inedible.  I have had my fair share of eggplant successes (this lasagna, baba ganoush, ratatouille, moussaka, and garlic bake prove that) but there have been times when I just had to throw everything away because the eggplant went south. Autumn Eggplant Rollatini | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading