Rolla Roomie Reunion 2016

Alliterations are fun and so are roomie reunions.  Good thing both of them are in today’s blog post!

So last week I spent some time with my college roommates in Rolla, Missouri where Ashley lives.  I have been to Rolla before, but this was Jes’ first visit so Ashley got to show her all the sites.  Now, Rolla is quite small.  Yes, there is a university there (Missouri Science and Technology where Ashley works) but it only has 8,000 students.  Those 8,000 students make up most of Rolla.  Needless to say, most of our site seeing was not in Rolla.

Rolla Roomie Reunion | Life Healthfully Lived

Missouri is kind of pretty… especially the Ozarks

We picked Jes up from the St. Louis airport (almost 2 hours away from Rolla) and had dinner at a Thai place called Pearl’s Cafe.  It was pretty good and I had Tom Kha Gai soup for the first time.  It was probably the best part of my dinner and I’ve tried to recreate it but haven’t gotten it quite right. Soon….

Rolla Roomie Reunion | Life Healthfully Lived

Again… Missouri isn’t too shabby to look at

The next day after a stop at the Giddy Goat (a coffee place that had good variety for small town USA) we headed out to the Meramec Springs.  This place was really beautiful.  There was a fish sanctuary where you could feed fish (which we obviously did) little bridges, waterfalls, the spring, of course, museums, and trails.  We walked around a bit and drove on the historic drive and saw old homesteads and a really pretty overlook of the Ozark Mountains.


Ashley checking out the Slag Notch. Still don’t know what that means


The fish sanctuary and the fish we fed.


Jes and Ashley by the cavern over the spring.


The actual spring… I thought it would be bubbling or something but it kind of just sits there.


After Meramac, we headed to Sybill’s for lunch.  This place was in a super fancy house and they had some pretty good food.  I got a strawberry avocado spinach salad and even thought it was a little sad when I removed the bacon, bleu cheese, and super sweet dressing, I added some sauteed summer squash and it made a pretty good meal.

Next, we went to The Public House which is a joint winery and brewery in St. James.  This place was really nice and had a lot of indoor and outdoor space.  Their gardens had a variety of yard games like bocci ball, Jenga, and lawn chess.  There was a good selection of beer, cider, and wine and while  played some games and caught up on life.  Overall a great time.

Rolla Roomie Reunion | Life Healthfully Lived

Jes and her giant knight. They are both very excited

Rolla Roomie Reunion | Life Healthfully Lived

All the beers and a cider

Finally, we headed to a fudge factory. But not just any fudge factory, oh no.

Rolla Roomie Reunion | Life Healthfully Lived

Seriously, can’t make this up

Uranus Fudge Factory.  Because the best fudge is found in Uranus.  I can’t make this stuff up guys.  There was also a burlesque dancing bar, tattoo parlor, and a food truck plaza.  Ah, the good ol’ US of A.

That night I made a spaghetti squash casserole that will probably be on the blog this week.  Then we just relaxed, watched Family Guy, old YouTube videos we made back in the day (like this one, you’re welcome Ashley) and laughed. Laughing is always a good thing.

It was a great trip, but I am glad to be back to my routine after over a week away.  I’ve got new recipes to share and fall weather has finally made it’s way to Chicago.  October is here and that means my birthday and anniversary are soon, yay!  Oh, and speaking of anniversaries, Happy One Year Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Meyers!  Have an awesome day and enjoy your new (puppy) addition! Rolla Roomie Reunion 2016 | Life Healthfully Lived

How was your week/weekend?