Weekend Recap: Scottish Fest & Father’s Day

Monday, Monday…. You always seem to come too soon.  At least this past weekend was a pretty good one spent with family!  My dad’s birthday is on the 17th and usually always falls right before Father’s Day so we make a big weekend out of it and spend time doing Dad stuff.  It’s more fun than that sounds… 

Friday night, I had this super awesome idea to make sweet potato/avocado gnocchi with a fresh pesto sauce.  It was going to be awesome.

It was not awesome.

Weekend Recap: Scottish Fest & Father's Day

NOT the gnocchi with pesto that I intended to make.

I have no idea what happened, but the minute I put the cooked gnocchi into the pan with the pesto sauce it turned into mush.  Of course, it was pushing 8 o’clock at night and I had no backup plans for dinner.  After like a minute of a few choice words, I tried to come up with some way to salvage the meal.  It felt like a combination of Chopped/Cutthroat Kitchen but I think I actually came up with a pretty good alternative.  I added some flour to the gnocchi mush, shaped them into dumplings, re-boiled them, and then baked them in the oven and came up with a baked gnudi-ish type dish.  They even had the pesto sauce mixed in with them so it tasted like a nice summery meal.  Just goes to show that you can sometimes salvage a kitchen nightmare if you try.

Weekend Recap: Scottish Fest & Father's Day

Delicious kale salad I made to go with the gnocchi we did not eat. Luckily, this needed no salvaging!

Saturday we got up early to head out to Itasca for the annual Scottish Fest.  My dad is Scottish on his dad’s side (Buchanan clan is kind of a big deal…. just sayin’) and he likes to go to the fest each year.  Luckily it always falls around his birthday so we spent the day wandering the fest, watching the highland games, listening to the pipes bands, petting Scottish dogs, and listening to Celtic bands.  Even though it was a hot day and I may have gotten a sunburn, it was a good time.

After the fest, we headed back home and made a BBQ feast for my dad and grilled up lots of meat, corn, and watermelon.  It was delicious.  Dad got Antman (and Deadpool) for his birthday so we watched that while eating banana “nice” cream that my sister made.

Sunday, my dad got installed on the board of directors for our church and decided to wear his full Scottish dress kilt.  It’s kind of fun to see him in all his garb even if the Buchanan plaid isn’t my favorite 😉 After church Adam and I made brunch for everyone and I decided to try out a breakfast burrito idea that turned out pretty tasty, even if I did mess up a few of the homemade tortillas…

Weekend Recap: Scottish Fest & Father's Day

Dad in all his gear. Yes, that is a sword. He has two more hidden on his body… 🙂

All in all, it was a great weekend full of family and food which is pretty much the best kind of weekend.  I just wish it had lasted a tiny bit longer….

Weekend Recap: Scottish Fest & Father's Day

Dad and all his kids… including Jayden by his feet!

What did you guys do with your weekend?  Any fun Father’s Day adventures?