Dip Into The New Year

It’s New Year’s Eve Eve and you’re probably planning a party or planning to go to a party.  Whether it’s a small family affair or a big bash, there are bound to be some tasty eats wherever you go.Dip Into the New Year | Life Healthfully Lived

I don’t know why, but New Year’s Eve party food means finger food.  It’s like a law or something and a law that I’m not going to protest.  Who doesn’t love finger food?  I mean other than people who don’t have fingers and even they probably like the more manageable bites.  Food instantly becomes better when it is a smaller version of its regular size self.

Whole chicken?  Eh.  Chicken wings?  Amazing.  Hunk of meatloaf?  Take it or leave it.  Meatballs?  Shovel them in as fast as possible.  And food on a stick?  Forget about it.

While I love the tiny finger food of New Year’s Eve, there is something I love even more.


Get that into my belly, STAT!  Dip is amazing and there so many different kinds.  Warm dip, cold dip, chip dip, bean dip, pate, guacamole, hummus, baba ganoush…. The list goes on and on and I want to eat them all.  Parties are the perfect place to serve dip because you can make a whole bunch and put out different things for people to dip into the dip.  I’m saying dip a lot.  I don’t care.

I thought I would do a quick round-up of some of my favorite dips here on my blog, plus a few out there in the food blogging world that need to be on your party table come Thursday night.  And while chips/veggies are merely a vehicle to get more dip into my face, I’ll post a few dipping options as well.

The Dips 

Hummus.  You really can’t go wrong with hummus and this is my favorite homemade version.  It takes a little bit of time, but it’s so worth it.

My Favorite Hummus

Want something quick, easy, and delicious?  Done.  This salsa is sure to please your guests.

Simple Salsa Dip Into the New Year | Life Healthfully Lived

I know I know, pumpkin season is pretty much over but hear me out on this one.  It’s 3 ingredients and is great for a last-minute dish to bring.  See? You’re welcome.

3 Ingredient Pumpkin Dip

This one is more of a spread, but you can be crazy and dip stuff into it too.  You little rebel.

Herbed Macadamia Butter Dip Into the New Year | Life Healthfully Lived

I love a good guacamole, but sometimes changing it up is nice.  This super smooth avocado cream is just as delicious as it’s chunkier brother.

Avocado Cream

This just might be my new favorite holiday dip.  Cranberries, mozzarella cheese (that isn’t really cheese), all melted together.  You can’t go wrong!

Creamy Cranberry Dip

I made this one for Girlish and I was both surprised and proud of how much it tasted like the store bought version.  Plus there are chips with this one!

French Onion Dip Dip Into the New Year | Life Healthfully Lived

The Dippers

Like I said, I’m not as thrilled about the dippers as I am about the dip, but they do have the important job of transporting the dip to my mouth.  So they deserve a little love too.

The good old standby: tortilla chips.  But you don’t have to buy a bag when you can make your own!

Tortilla Chips

Another one you can make instead of buy, and they taste amazing!

Plantain Chips

If you can do butter and eggs, then you should try these everything crackers from Zenbelly.  Gluten-free and homemade make them taste delicious.

Grain-Free Everything Crackers Dip Into the New Year | Life Healthfully Lived

I love how crunchy these crackers from Vegan Richa turn out and they’re perfect if you need a gluten-free and vegan dipping option.

Savory Potato Rice Crackers

Pita is a perfect dipping utensil for hummus or any other dip you want to shove in your face.  Predominantly Paleo has a really good AIP version that is also vegan!

Paleo Pita Bread  Dip Into the New Year | Life Healthfully Lived

Of course, you should also set out a tray of vegetables for dipping.  I mean I am a healthy food blogger after all.  Plus cucumbers and celery are really sturdy dip bearing vehicles! 🙂


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