Holiday Baking

I’ve said time and time again, I am not a baker.  I’m more of a create things on the fly, see if this flavor works with that one, throw a little more of this in there, wibbly-wobbly home cook.

You can’t be a wibbly-wobbly baker.Holiday Baking | Life Healthfully Lived

Baking is a science and if you put too much of one thing or not enough of the other, you end up with a pile of inedible mush.  Trust me.  I know from experience.

But something about Christmas time makes me put on my big girl baking pants and bust out baked good after baked good.  I usually pick one day and spend the whole day making cookies, candies, bars, cakes, and even a few pies.  My kitchen is a disaster afterwards, but I end up with quite the mountain of sweet treats.  Which leads me to my question for the day:

What do you do with all of those baked goods?Holiday Baking | Life Healthfully Lived

The fat kid in me wants to shove them all in my mouth at once and wash it down with a big ol’ glass of eggnog.  Dairy-free of course.  Come on, I’m not an unhealthy beast.  I can almost justify this gluttony with the fact that I make “healthy” treats.  I don’t use refined sugar, I try to use real food ingredients where I can, and most of my baking is done without dairy.

But they are still treats.  Desserts.  Sweet things.Holiday Baking | Life Healthfully Lived

And you can overdo it even with “healthy” treats.  Eating one cookie can lead to eating five cookies, can lead to eating all the desserts.  Again, trust me.  I know from experience.  I’ve also gone to the other extreme and completely refrained from eating any treats at all.  That is almost as damaging because you feel like you’re missing out and overeat on everything else.

Plus, what fun are the holidays without some Christmas cookies?

So, in my household, I try to strike a good balance.  I still go on my big Christmas bake-a-thon, and I still eat a few of my favorites, but then I share the wealth.  I send some with Adam to take to work.  I give some to friends and family.  The building supervisor and neighbors get a tin of treats and I bring some along to family gatherings.  That way I’m not tempted to turn into the Christmas cookie monster and I still get to enjoy the fun of holiday baking.Holiday Baking | Life Healthfully Lived

I also make sure that the rest of my diet is in balance during this time of year.  I try to get as much water as I can, eat plenty of vegetables, and keep up with my normal fitness routine.

Because Christmas doesn’t have to be an all or nothing time of year.  You don’t have to feel guilty about eating a cookie and you don’t have to feel the shame of eating all the cookies.  Find a balance that works for you and just enjoy the season!Holiday Baking | Life Healthfully Lived

How do you handle your sweet treats this time of year?