Back To Normal

Almost… I’m actually coming to you from Sycamore this week.  I’m house/dog sitting and get to do a bit of “country” livin’ in my old neighborhood.  I actually do miss Sycamore sometimes.  It’s slower pace out here, quieter, calmer, and really quite beautiful.  While I love my Chicago neighborhood, it’s nice to come back and slow things down.

Back To Normal | Life Healthfully Lived

I love how these two are already in cahoots and love being brothers

It’s also nice because I get to work in a huge kitchen and take food pictures with all the natural light.  This house is a bloggers dream.  Or at least this galley kitchen, two-window, interior apartment-dwelling blogger’s dream.  So be on the lookout for some good food pics in the coming weeks…

I’m working on a few new recipes and I was thinking of a few ideas.  I honestly put recipes on the blog that I cook for me and Adam.  I don’t usually go out and create something that he or I wouldn’t eat or make regularly.  While that sometimes limits what I put on here, I think it also shows how a real home cook prepares meals.  I’m not a trained chef or even a professional recipe developer.  I just put things together that sound good in my head and I think would taste good.

Back To Normal | Life Healthfully Lived

Grandma and the grandkids

With that in mind, I was thinking of reworking one of my favorite childhood meals.  My mom’s leftover casserole.  She would make this a few days after Thanksgiving and it was almost better than the Thanksgiving feast itself.  I just have to figure out if I can gear it towards the healthier side of things…

I know I’ve said this before, but I am going to work on putting more meals that have meat in them up here.  I don’t personally eat meat, but Adam does and I do prepare a few dishes for him that he really likes and would make good weeknight meals.  I want this to be a place that anyone can come to and find at least one recipe that will fit their lifestyle, tastes delicious, and is healthy.

Back To Normal | Life Healthfully Lived

After feast Tripoly playing… I think Adam and I win the expression game

I hope that you are getting back to your regular routine without too much fatigue.  That first Monday after a holiday can be a rough one.  At least it’s cyber Monday and there are awesome presents that you can buy while still in your  PJ’s!

Back To Normal | Life Healthfully Lived

Happy Thanksgiving from the Buchanan/Meyers/Dawson/ Bullard Family!


Do you guys have any requests or suggestions on recipes?  The more feedback I get, the better I can serve you guys! Just let me know in the comments below!