I Am Thankful For…

My husband who always loves me, even when I’m being crazy and weird which is more often than not.  Who works hard to provide for me and always puts my happiness before his.  Without him, I wouldn’t be half the person I am now. I Am Thankful For... | Life Healthfully Lived

My family who has shaped my very being.  They know me better than anyone on this planet and support me in everything I do.  They have taught me how to love and live and I cannot imagine me without them. I Am Thankful For... | Life Healthfully Lived

My Faith which is the driving force behind every decision I make, every action I take, every word I speak, and the source of my hope and love.  God is good all the time and all the time God is good. I Am Thankful For... | Life Healthfully Lived

My basic needs which are unfailingly met.  I have never ever wanted for food, shelter, or clothing.  I have never wondered where my next meal was coming from, where I would be sleeping at night, and I have the luxury of opening my closet and choosing from a variety of clothes.  Not everyone gets that security.

My freedom which has cost me absolutely nothing but instead others have paid for with their lives.  I can say what I want, believe what I want, and pursue my happiness because of the simple fact that I am an American.  In a world that is wrought with pain and strife, where people are oppressed and killed for their beliefs and opinions, freedom is no small matter.  I Am Thankful For... | Life Healthfully Lived

My dreams that propel me to do new and sometimes scary things.  Having a dream can be tough but so worth it.  And having people behind you to support those dreams?  That is something to be even more thankful for.

I could go on and on with things that I am thankful for because I am beyond blessed.  I know it’s cliche to think about all the things we have gratitude for this week, but these are things that I give thanks for every single day.  I often take these things for granted because they are so simple.  But for those that don’t have them, they mean the world. I Am Thankful For... | Life Healthfully Lived

Take some time this holiday season and be thankful for the little things you never think about.  They might seem small, but they mean so much.

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving everyone!