My Weekend in Rolla

Hopefully you are all digging yourself out of the snow or maybe you’ve decided to just hunker down and hibernate through this storm.  I’ve done a little bit of both.  I didn’t do my normal run this morning because there is still snow EVERYWHERE, but I did make a quick trip to the store.  I plan on spending the rest of the day inside working though.

I actually had a really great weekend.  Thursday I made my way down to Rolla, Missouri to visit my friend Ashley!  I hadn’t seen her since she came to Chicago in September so we had some catching up to do.  And let me just say we lived it up in Rolla!

We went to the vacuum cleaner museum.  Yes this is a real thing.  Fun fact, old time-y vacuums freak me out.  I don’t know why but they look evil and I feel like they are going to attack me.


Cleaning in the 1920’s with a creepy demon vacuum



We saw the world’s largest rocking chair on historic route 66.  Sadly you can’t climb up and sit on it.

photo (53)


We drove through Cuba, MO and looked at a few of the murals and then we spent the rest of the day going to antique stores finding the creepiest children’s toys.  Seriously, who made those things?  Definitely have demons inside them.

We talked, laughed, ate (delicious taco salads and my Turmeric-Scented Mushrooms), watched Friends and a whole season of The Killer Speaks.  Ashley and I are a unique kind of fun and like macabre things like shows about serial killers.  Another fun fact, you have a very high chance of being murdered in Missouri.  Three out of the five serial killers interviewed on the show were from/killed their victims in Missouri.  Good times. Good times.

Sadly, I had to cut my trip a little short and come back early so I could beat the snowstorm.  It was great to hang out and laugh about ridiculous things though.  Sometimes it’s nice to break out of your normal routine and spend time with friends even if they live in a place where you might run into a murderer…

Have a great Monday and try to have some fun after you dig yourself out of the snow!