Holiday Bliss

I’m still in the middle of all my holiday fun and still don’t have a “regular” post for you, but I still wanted to stop in and say hey!  I hope that you are all enjoying this time of year and had a great Christmas.


With the new year right around the corner (seriously, where did 2013 go?), I wanted to talk really quickly about resolutions.  New Year, new you.  That seems to be the theme right around this time of year, and sometimes that is a good thing.  Maybe you are resolving to change a bad habit, learn something new, or volunteer more.  Many times though, people enter the new year with the idea that they need to completely overhaul their lives and personalities to be the best person they can be.  I don’t know about you, but not only does that seem exhausting, it seems a little depressing.  Most of us are pretty awesome people already and it seems like a bummer to put yourself down.  I have struggled with self hate for a long time.  I was never good enough, I always made mistakes, and I needed to do better.  I would often vow to change everything about me to become the person I thought I needed to be.  Slowly but surely, I have started to see myself in a different light (thanks to my husband and family) and I have started to realize that there are so many things about me that are really great and should be celebrated.

Instead of making resolutions to completely change everything about me, I have started to make goals to improve on the assets I already have.  I want to continue to be as healthy as possible as well as help others reach that goal.  I want to keep learning how to make more delicious and nutritious meals that can be available to as many people as possible.  I want to keep letting the little things go that I have no control over.  I urge you to make loving resolutions this year instead of beating yourself up for not being a super human.  Do that and I promise you that 2014 will be a great year!