Life Without The Stuff

Life Without The Stuff | Life Healthfully LivedI know that I’m a little late hopping on the bandwagon of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but boy did I jump in feet first.

I told you last week that I had finished reading the book and started going through our apartment and deciding what we really needed.  Well, we finished up the process this past weekend and I must say, it feels good.  Our apartment is cleaner, neater, lighter, and more comfortable.  I would say that over the course of the two weekends we spent doing this we got rid of 50% of our stuff and our home doesn’t feel bare.  That’s how much extra stuff we had hanging around. Life Without The Stuff | Life Healthfully Lived

50% of our belongings we didn’t even need.  That seems crazy to me!  Why was I hanging on to things that just sit in the back of a closet never to be used?  Why was I storing random junk items to move from one apartment to the next?  Why did I think these things made me complete when they were just weighing me down?

You might think I’m getting a little too deep about just “spring cleaning” my apartment, but it was so much more than that.  It was going through every single item in my possession and asking myself, “Does this object bring me joy?”  Not do I use it or will I use it or could I possibly use it but does it bring me joy.  At this point in my life, if it doesn’t bring my joy, why do I need to keep it? Life Without The Stuff | Life Healthfully Lived

And this idea transitions so well into other areas of my life.  Why do something if it doesn’t bring me joy?  I want to spend my time and energy doing things that I love and bring happiness into my life.  As cliche as it is, life is too short to waste it on things we don’t like.  I get that in some cases we have to do things that we don’t like, such as taxes or filling a cavity, but that’s even more reason to spend the rest of your time doing things that you like.

I’ve said this before, but if you really don’t like doing something particularly when it comes to your health, don’t do it.  If you really don’t like eating brussels sprouts don’t eat them.  You can find hundreds of other vegetables that are just as good for you and that you like so much better.  If you really don’t like CrossFit or yoga don’t do those forms of exercise.  Again, you can find so many other ways to move your body that you actually like.  Ask yourself, “Does this object/routine/food/person/idea/whatever bring me joy?”  It really might change your perspective on things and help you live a happier and healthier life. Life Without The Stuff | Life Healthfully Lived

Ask yourself, “Does this object/routine/food/person/idea/whatever bring me joy?”  It really might change your perspective on things and help you live a happier and healthier life.

As for all the stuff we recently got rid of, I don’t miss it at all and look forward to keeping only the things that really mean something to me and give me endless joy! Life Without The Stuff | Life Healthfully Lived

Busy, Wonderful, Happy Weekend

Today is just a happy recap of my awesome weekend along with a few pictures from the frozen tundra of Chicago!

Adam and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Saturday and by celebrate I mean we went out to eat a delicious breakfast.  Going out to breakfast is kind of our thing.  I know most people like to go to fancy dinners but to me, breakfast is where it’s at.

Busy, Wonderful, Happy Weekend | Life Healthfully Lived

Layer of ice on the last step in front of Lake Michigan.

Adam found this really cool little breakfast joint in Uptown called Tweet.  They had an awesome gluten-free menu as well as a packed full menu and it wasn’t hard to find something delicious to eat.  I had a build your own omelette with mushrooms and peppers, plus fruit, sliced tomatoes, and sauteed tofu.  Adam decided to go for a steak breakfast burrito with Chipotle aioli and was pretty much in heaven.  If you’re looking for a neat little breakfast joint, you should check them out!

Busy, Wonderful, Happy Weekend | Life Healthfully Lived

I think this picture of Lake Michigan almost looks like another planet

After eating, we headed over to the McCormick Place to check out the Auto Show.  Neither Adam or I are nuts about cars (we have a car that we rarely drive because it’s RIDICULOUSLY expensive to pay for parking in the city) but it was freezing outside and this was an inexpensive activity that was inside.  We wandered around for awhile, looked at cars of the future, (hint: they all look the same and robots are going to take over the driving world) and tried to figure out which car models actually knew anything about the car they were standing in front of.  Spoiler alert: Not many.

Busy, Wonderful, Happy Weekend | Life Healthfully Lived

Ice in Belmont Harbor

After we were done with that we headed home to just hang out and relax.  Well, our plan was to relax but I decided to ruin that.  Recently, I just finished reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  It’s an awesome little book and a lot of the advice and methods she uses made a lot of sense.  I started to look around our apartment and noticed that we had a lot of stuff.  Stuff that we never used, stuff that was just taking up space, and stuff that wasn’t bringing us any joy.  I decided enough was enough and I started tackling the clutter.

Soon I sucked Adam into the cleaning spree and over the course of two days we drastically cut down on the amount of junk we had accumulated over the years.  I would say about 20-30ish reusable bags were filled with things we didn’t need and that was only from 3 rooms.  We still have to go through our closets and our bedroom, but I already feel a lot better and I’ll have pictures when it’s all done!

That was our weekend and even though a large portion of it was cleaning it was wonderful.  I got to spend some quality time with my husband, made our apartment cleaner and more comfortable, and ate tasty food.  That’s my idea of fun!

How was your weekend?  What did you do for Valentine’s Day?