Getting Ready for the 4th of July

I know that for the past few Fridays I have done a round-up post of recipes on my blog.  There are a few reasons for that.

  1. There are a ton of recipes on the blog and I think you should try them all.
  2. I don’t have a ton of new recipes in my back pocket at the moment.

Mostly it’s that second reason. Getting Ready for the 4th of July | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading

Happy New Year!!

Most of you are probably still sleeping and with good reason.  You stayed up late celebrating the New Year in fun ways I’m sure.

Our New Year’s Eve was a little different this year, both of us were in bed by 10 pm.  Yup, we kind of missed ringing in 2016.  But with good reason, Adam has a nasty virus and I’m doing my best to ward it off.  We still celebrated a little.  I made a ton of dip (see Wednesday’s post) and we watched Netflix until Adam decided it was time to pass out.

I hope that you had a little bit more lively celebration, but whatever you did I hope that 2016 is a great year!

I’ll be back on Monday and I’ll share my word for the year as well as get back to my regular posts full of delicious food and simple ways to be healthy.  For now, I’m going to watch the parade and maybe a few bowl games and just relax!

Happy New Year!! | Life Healthfully Lived

Happy New Year friends!

Thanksgiving: Round 2

Like many people, I get to celebrate the holidays multiple times.  Marriage opens up new families and traditions to be celebrated and that means twice the holiday fun.

Yesterday, I spent the day with Adam’s side of the family, cooking, laughing, drinking, and spending time together.  It was a great day and I really do enjoy experiencing family gatherings with his big family.  Adam’s mom is one of 10 and when you get everyone together there are easily 20 to 30 people crammed into the house.  And that’s what Thanksgiving and Christmas are about right?  Shoving as much love and happiness into a room as possible.

Today is the Buchanan Thanksgiving and while it is a smaller affair, it’s no less heartwarming or full of family.  I love getting together with my family and sharing our traditions year after year.  One of my favorites is signing the tablecloth.

Many moons ago, when Thanksgiving was exclusively at our house, my mom had the idea to get a plain white tablecloth and have the whole family sign it every year.  It’s become kind of like a history book for us.  I can look back and see when I couldn’t even write my name, remember when certain friends came for dinner, and watch the transformation of our family.  I loved this idea so much that for our wedding Adam and I had our guests sign a tablecloth instead of a guest book.

I’m not sure what your day after Thanksgiving traditions are, but whether you are a black Friday shopper or have another meal to get to, I hope that you are enjoying your family time and celebrating your own traditions!