Health Feature: Meghan Siwecki

Happy November and Happy Health Feature Day!  I’m slightly late with October’s feature, but I was a little busy celebrating my birthday.  Which, by the way, was an awesome day!  I’ll be sure to share it with you next week. 🙂  Now onto the health feature!

Last month, we met Jamika and heard about her amazing story.  This month, I would like to introduce you to Meghan Siwecki.  Meghan and I actually went to high school together and were in the same section in marching band.  She was a year older than me and she really welcomed me into the section and made me feel comfortable.  We became fast friends and some of my best memories in band include her.Health Feature: Meghan Siwecki | Life Healthfully Lived

After she graduated, she went to college at Southern Illinois and we drifted apart.  Through facebook, I was able to see what she was up to and in the past few months I noticed a big transformation in her health.  She made some awesome changes and she told me that she really wanted to help inspire others to turn their health around.  When you read her story and see all the hard work she has put in, I’m sure she’ll inspire a lot of you!Health Feature: Meghan Siwecki | Life Healthfully Lived

Name and Age: Meghan Siwecki, 28

What did you weigh before and how much weight have you lost?

When I started my weight loss journey, I weighed around 180-185 pounds.  Honestly, I do not like stepping on a scale which is why I don’t know the exact beginning weight.  Currently, I weigh around 135 pounds.  

What made you want to turn your health around?

I decided to change my lifestyle because of how I truly felt about myself- the outside didn’t match the inside. I wasn’t confident in myself at all and that needed to change. I chose to change my weight to help with my confidence.  I hated going to the store and looking all the way at the bottom for a shirt size or not being able to go to certain stores because they didn’t carry my size.  When I started this transformation, I was a size 14 and in my head that wasn’t bad considering I was a size 18 when I graduated high school.  I was the “fat friend” and struggled to do things that should be easy for a woman in her 20’s.  It was hard for me to walk more than a mile without being out of breath or sweating like a pig.  Also, being a teacher it was hard to hear what middle school students would say every day and it made me flashback to being in school myself and getting bullied because of my weight.  I decided to not be sad about it all the time but do something to make myself feel better about who I am.Health Feature: Meghan Siwecki | Life Healthfully Lived

What did a typical day (food/exercise-wise) look like before you changed?

Before I went on my health journey, there was little to no exercise.  Sometimes my friend and I would go walking but that would be less than a mile and it was a slow speed walk.  I would eat whatever I wanted to eat! Fast food, tons of chocolate, ice cream, greasy food.. basically anything I wanted to eat.  I will say I always drank milk and ate fruit, even before the health journey. Whenever I would be bored at home, I would eat something just because I didn’t have anything else to do at the time.  

What was your goal when you first started?

My goal when I first started was to honestly lose about 10 pounds and just be healthy.  I knew I wasn’t a healthy eater so I wanted to work on that too.  By no means did I anticipate to lose the amount of weight I did.Health Feature: Meghan Siwecki | Life Healthfully Lived

What did you do to change your diet and lifestyle?

I went through a lot of different ways to help me lose weight and become healthier.  At first my friends and I at school all wanted to lose weight so we started The Biggest Loser competition. At that time, I started watching what I ate but didn’t truly try to lose weight.  Then my friend told me about the Couch to 5K program and after looking at it I decided to give it a try especially since school was out and I had summer to work on it.  I completed the program and it was not easy by any means! There were some days I was crying while running, and I might have only been running for 2 minutes! But it was so difficult because I was that out of shape.  However, I didn’t give up.  Also, at this time someone I knew started talking about these protein shakes, which helped with weight management.  They aren’t weight loss shakes because I know what that does to your body.  I decided to give the shakes a try and drank one for breakfast every day, since I was never a breakfast eater anyway.  The combination of working out and those protein shakes made me realize that I could do this! I need to get my life back and this was going to be hard work, but it would happen.Health Feature: Meghan Siwecki | Life Healthfully Lived

After I completed the Couch to 5K program, I ran my first 5K and it sucked! It was in Chicago which was great and my dad ran it with me.  At one point, I remember my dad telling me, “Meghan, why don’t you just stop running.  You can walk along with these people.” I thought about walking it, but I’m not a quitter.  I continued to run and I won’t lie, I walked some of it, but I ran across that finish line! My goal was to finish in less than 45 minutes and I finished within 43 minutes.  Looking back, that was a long time to run 3 miles.  That was the starting point to my journey.

After that, I decided that I need to do something besides run because it was going to be winter and I didn’t want to go to the gym.  I bought a workout DVD from the store, “The Biggest Loser”, and started doing that at home. I worked on that DVD for about a year or so, and I also had another DVD I threw in there at the time. While I was being conscious about my workout regime, I was also careful about what I ate.  I continued to drink my protein shakes, eat healthy lunches, healthy snacks,  and a well-planned dinner.  I didn’t go out to dinner anymore unless it was for Subway.  Soon, I felt the need to change my workout routine because I was getting bored and felt like the workout wasn’t doing anything for me.  I heard about the program T-25, which, fortunately my sister had and gave that a whirl.  Man! I thought I was somewhat in shape after running and my other DVD, but nothing compared to what T-25 had in store.  My first day trying it I remember turning it off after 10 minutes because I didn’t think I could do it anymore.  I tried it again the next day and took a lot of breaks but got through it.  I did T-25 five days a week.  I did this program for about a year and a couple months.  Then again like before, I got bored and needed something new! I knew I wanted to keep my workout somewhat short and so I found Insanity Max 30.  I was so pumped for that and knew it was going to be the true test to see how much I had improved over time.  Again, just like T-25 I was dying after the first 10 minutes.  I did not turn it off, though… I fought through! That was a 60-day program, but I continued and still workout with Insanity Max 30 because it truly tests every muscle in your body.Health Feature: Meghan Siwecki | Life Healthfully Lived

My lifestyle changed throughout this time because I wasn’t always thinking about food.  I occupied myself with other things in life and thought about what my workout was going to be like instead of where I was going to get dinner that night.  I slowly became a happier person and once I saw that, I knew I couldn’t stop the journey.  My whole outlook on life changed after I lost some weight that was noticeable.  

What does a typical day (food/exercise-wise) look like now?

For me now, I still drink my protein shake for breakfast.  I’m weird when it comes to food and food in the morning makes me feel sick.  I eat a lot of fruits, protein, salads, and I do throw in the occasional sweet treat.  I have a huge sweet tooth so that’s something I couldn’t give up.  I just had to change what I ate and how much.  I still workout to Insanity Max 30 every day and recently got a new DVD, Cize and have been trying that 3 days a week as well.  Health Feature: Meghan Siwecki | Life Healthfully Lived

Who has been your biggest support?

My biggest supporters have been my family, hands down.  They have been there for me the whole journey and have been supportive in both words and making better food choices at home for when I visit them.   

What was the hardest thing to change?

The hardest thing for me to change were my eating habits.  Food was always a comfort for me when I was frustrated, upset, bored, happy… any emotion really.  I still struggle with what I eat some days, but it’s a work in progress.  Nothing is ever perfect.  

Who or what is your motivation?

My motivation is myself.  I look at pictures of myself 5 years ago or even in high school.  I realize that I don’t want to go back to who I was then both emotionally and physically.

How do you stay motivated every day?

I stay motivated by thinking about my next fitness goal.  I know that I have to work hard to achieve that goal and if I don’t keep with my workout and eating routine then I could fall back into what I used to be.  I also think about others who have told me they want to change their lifestyle after looking at my pictures.  Life motivates me! Being happy motivates me!

What is your biggest struggle now?

My biggest struggle is what I eat and making sure I keep on track.  There are days where I eat cereal for dinner because I don’t want to cook anything.  Or when I’m at school I eat chocolate because I’m stressed, but this struggle isn’t going to stop me from achieving my goal.

What are your goals now?

My main goal now is to tighten my body and gain more muscle.  I honestly don’t want to lose any more weight because I’m at a stage where I’m comfortable.  I just need to work even harder to make my body what I envision it to look like.

What is one thing you can do now that you never thought you would be able to do?

One thing physically I can do now that I never thought I could do is a burpee and lots of them! I know that sounds silly but I remember having to do them in high school and I just pretended because I couldn’t do it.  Not only can I do a burpee but I can do a one-legged burpee and a one-armed burpee.  When I did my first real burpee I had tears in my eyes because I knew that I was finally getting to where I need to be physically.  Even though burpees suck sometimes, there is nothing like the feeling of actually doing 10 in a row when 10 years ago I couldn’t even kick my feet back and hold myself up.Health Feature: Meghan Siwecki | Life Healthfully Lived

Emotionally I can walk with my head held high and be proud of who I am and who I have become.  When people look at me and say you’re beautiful I actually believe them now because I feel beautiful.  It has taken me years to get to this point, but it is something that’s worth waiting for.

What is your advice to those who are just starting to lose weight?

If you are just starting your journey, don’t give up! There are days when you are going to want to sit and eat your food of guilty pleasure; whether it’s ice cream, a cheeseburger, or chocolate, but don’t give up! Each day is its own adventure, take it one day at a time.  Encourage yourself by rewarding yourself with certain things you have wanted when you reach milestones.  Be proud of making the change and altering your lifestyle.  It doesn’t matter if you only did 5 jumping jacks or ran 2 blocks; at least you aren’t sitting on the couch eating chips.  This is about YOUR body and well being.  Always believe in yourself.  Have faith.Health Feature: Meghan Siwecki | Life Healthfully Lived


I love that Meghan kept at her health and fitness even when she wanted to give up.  She knew it was hard, but still worth it.  I also like how she kept changing things when she got bored.  That helped her stick with her fitness routine and keep up her good eating habits.  Thank you so much, Meghan, for sharing your story and keep up the amazing work!

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Rock What You Got

I’m going to have you do a little homework before you read this post.  Oh stop moaning, it’s not that hard.

I want you to listen to this song:

Did you listen?  Good.  I’m trusting that you did.

I have listened to Superchick for years and in fact, I have heard this song a good 50 times before.  But as I was out running about the other day, this song came on and it kind of hit me in a new light.

Rock what you got.

I have spent a lot of time trying to change things about me so that I can “rock it”.  I focus on what needs to be fixed or adjusted to get to a point where I feel like I am worthy of being awesome.

That’s not cool.

I have been given everything that I need to rock.  There are so many awesome things about me that no one else has, and I’m doing myself a disservice if I don’t choose to rock what I’ve got.

I’m not saying that I don’t want to improve myself or do things to meet new goals.  It’s ok to rock what you have right at this moment while working to achieve other things.  Be proud of YOU every single second of the day.  That pride and encouragement, even if it just comes from you alone, can help push you forward.

So how about it?  I’m making a pledge to start rocking everything I got.

My ability to push myself at the end of a long run?  Rocking it.

My willingness to try a new or difficult yoga pose even if I faceplant?  Rocking it.

My desire to help serve others in the best way I know how?  Rocking it.

My hope to accomplish new goals and dreams?  Rocking it.

You don’t have to wait until you think you have what it takes to rock it.  Start now, this very second.  You have everything you need in this moment.  Even if you don’t feel that way, act like you do.  I bet pretty soon you won’t have to be faking it. rock

Have an awesome Monday and remember, rock what you got!

Health Feature: Jamika Edwards

It’s that time of the month on my blog!  Time to feature someone who has totally turned their health around.  I love these posts because the people in them are real people have done simple things to make themselves better.  They have put in the work and deserve to be recognized for the transformation they have undergone.  You can read about Jim and Alexander here.
September Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully LivedThis month it’s all about Jamika.  Jamika and I lived in the same dorm back at NIU, good old Neptune North.  While we didn’t hang out much, I always remember her with a smile on her face and usually singing!  She was just a person who exuded happiness and it usually was contagious.  Over the years, we obviously went out separate ways but Facebook meant that I could see what she was up to and boy was she up to a lot!September Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully Lived

She really turned her health around and all her hard work was showing.  I love that she didn’t do anything crazy, just started to move in ways that she enjoyed and eat food that was better for her health.  And her results speak for themselves!

Name and Age:

Jamika Edwards 26September Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully Lived

What did you weigh before and how much weight have you lost?

I started at 333 lbs and have lost 125 1lbs

What made you want to turn your health around?

Honestly, it was a spiritual thing. I wanted to strive to be more more like God and I felt that becoming more disciplined in my health was a good start.

What did a typical day look like before you changed?

MySeptember Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully Lived days were pretty standard just with a lack of intentionally working out. I also made a lot more unhealthy food choices. I ate chips usually every day.

What was your goal when you first started?

My initial goal was to just get below 300lbs.

What did you do to change your diet and lifestyle?

In college, one of my friends became my personal trainer and accountability for my eating changes. I initially cut all processed sugars and bread out of my diet and I just grew from there.September Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully Lived

What does a typical day look like now?

At night, I usually pack/plan my 3 meals for the coming day. I tend to take stairs more than elevators and I work out/dance for about 2hrs 4 times a week.

Who has been your biggest support?

My mom and my friends have been my biggest support.

What was the hardest thing to change?
September Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully LivedThe hardest thing to change is planning all of my meals and not being able to eat what everyone else does.

Who or what is your motivation?

GodSeptember Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully Lived is my first motivator and my second is the thought of my family to come: husband (She got engaged over Labor Day weekend!) and children.

How do you stay motivated every day?

Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated but I always go back to my original inspiration, God, and I keep pushing.

What is your biggest struggle now?

MySeptember Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully Lived biggest struggle now is not becoming complacent in my progress and not eating sweets lol (cookies are my nemesis)

What are your goals now?
My goals now are to tone up and gain  more definition

What is your advice to those who are just starting to lose weight?

My advice is to embrace your personal journey and not base your success off of someone else. I also encourage individuals to have a goal and inspiration that goes beyond outside affirmations. Having at least one person that you can be 100% transparent with is essential because there will be many times of feeling defeated but that person should remind you that you are notSeptember Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully Lived.

I love that she told someone her goals and had them keep her accountable.  It can be so easy to fall off the wagon if you try to do this alone.  I also like that meal prep is a big part of her routine.  If you just take a few minutes to plan out your day before hand you have a better chance of succeeding.  See?  Simple things that lead to big results.  Thank you Jamika for sharing your story and keep up the awesome work!

Have you or someone you know turned their health around?  Send me an email at and they could be in my next health feature!

Have a great Monday everyone!

5 Things I Do When I’m Struggling With Bad Body Image

For5 Things I Do When I'm Struggling With Body Image | Life Healthfully Lived some reason this weekend, I was having a tough time with my body.  Every piece of clothing I put on felt awkward, I didn’t like the way I looked, and I felt like everyone was just staring at all of my flaws.  It was not a very fun weekend to say the least.

As much as I would love to always be proud of my body and never struggle with these insecurities, I know that I will probably always have to work on body image.  When I was younger, I would let these negative thoughts consume me.  I literally thought that my body was ugly and all the problems I saw in the mirror were the only things that other people could see.   These thoughts would rule my day, my mood, and how I viewed my worth.  They dictated what I would say and think, whether I would speak up in class or if I would volunteer for something where people had to look at me.  It was rough and I never thought much of myself.  I just wanted to fade in the background and for the most part, I did.

With a lot of time and work, I have pushed past that younger version of myself.  No one gets to determine my worth based on my looks, not even myself.  I understand so much more about my body and know that just because I see something in the mirror doesn’t mean it’s true in real life.

But there are still days when the struggle is real.  Days when I want to go back to hiding in my shell.  Days when no matter what, the reflection I see does not match what is actually there.  I’m sure every once in awhile, you have those days too.  Days when you doubt whether you are beautiful, capable, or even worthy.  What you do on those days can make you stronger or keep tearing you down.  So here are five things I do when I struggle with bad body image.  Hopefully, these can help you or give you some motivation to find ways to move past the lies you might be telling yourself about your own body.

1.  I realize they are lies5 Things I Do When I'm Struggling With Body Image | Life Healthfully Lived

Most often, the reason I have a “bad body” day  is that I feel like I have gained a ridiculous amount of weight.  The logical part of my brain knows this isn’t true.  There is no way that one meal can make you gain 10 pounds and you don’t wake up one day suddenly overweight.  But the logical part of my brain doesn’t always rule my day.  While I might feel overweight and insecure, I tell myself that it is a lie.  What I see in the mirror isn’t true.  My habits are overall healthy and I won’t suddenly just backslide.  I might not believe this at first, but actually physically telling myself that it is a lie helps to get me back on track.

2. I try something new5 Things I Do When I'm Struggling With Body Image | Life Healthfully Lived

This might sound weird, but trying something new really helps me get out of my funk.  Usually, I try a new yoga pose that I haven’t been able to do before or an exercise that I struggle with.  By doing something new, I get my mind off the woe is me/I’m ugly mentality.  Many times I end up surprising myself by doing something that I didn’t think I could do.  Even if I can’t get into a new pose or still struggle with that tough exercise, the fact that I tried and tried to improve myself helps me feel more confident with my body.

3.  Look at where I started5 Things I Do When I'm Struggling With Body Image | Life Healthfully Lived

I have come a long way from Jr. high/high school Katie.  Looking back at that time, I realize that I am a completely different and better person.  On the days when it feels like I am right back where I started, just taking out pictures from that time proves me completely wrong.  I know I have done a lot of work to get to this point and reminding myself of that helps me see how strong and capable I have become.

4.   I talk about it5 Things I Do When I'm Struggling With Body Image | Life Healthfully Lived

I am a private person and I tend to keep things bottled up inside.  I let my negative thoughts eat away at me and they never fail to bring me down.  While it’s still hard for me to open up and share, talking about it helps let that negativity out.  Sharing things with someone you trust gets things off your chest and shows you that some of those things just aren’t true.  Even writing this post helps me push past my doubt and uncertainty and stops negative talk in it’s tracks.

5.   I understand it will pass5 Things I Do When I'm Struggling With Body Image | Life Healthfully Lived

I won’t let my negative thoughts persist anymore.  They might have ruled my life before, but I refuse to let that happen again.  I know that this bad day is one day and it will pass.  There will be good days again, days where I see how strong I am, how capable I have become, and how beautiful I truly am.  I can’t dwell on these insecure thoughts or else they will take over.  I acknowledge that I have had a bad day and now it is over and I will do my best to move on.  It isn’t always easy, but I know I can do it.5 Things I Do When I'm Struggling With Body Image | Life Healthfully Lived

Next time you are faced with body image issues, try a few of these things.  Or find something that works for you.  The most important advice I can give you is to not let these issues consume you.  Don’t let them take over.  You are better and stronger than they are and you can and will get to a place where you see your beauty and worth!

Health Feature: Alexander Dimitsas

Happy Monday and Happy August!  Seriously, where has this summer gone?  Maybe since it took so long for summer weather to finally arrive, it feels like it has barely begun.  Oh well, I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

I have a new health feature for you guys today.  Last month I featured a high school friend, Jim Kruczinski, and you guys really enjoyed reading his story.  He put in a ton of work and clearly it is paying off.  A few weeks ago, he ran the Rock N’ Roll half marathon in Chicago and he rocked it.  Yes, that was a pun.  Get over it.

Today’sHealth Feature: Alexander Dimitsas | Life Healthfully Lived feature is Alexander Dimitsas.  Alexander is my future brother-in-law’s cousin and my sister suggested I feature him on my blog.  Alexander has a great story and I think it is great motivation for anyone who feels like life is beating them up and there is no way they can get back up.  After experiencing a devastating loss and realizing he was slowly killing himself, Alexander decided to completely turn his health around.  Here is his story:

What did you weigh before and how much weight have you lost?

In December of 2010, I weighed 330lbs at my peak weight, I did my first Bodybuilding competition weighing in at 173.2lbs with a total weight loss of 156.8lbs!

Health Feature: Alexander Dimitsas | Life Healthfully Lived

What made you want to turn your health around?

In 2008, my sister passed away in a tragic automobile accident. I feel into a deep depression and used drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. At this time, I was also was a heavy smoker (smoking a pack and a half a day). When I stepped on the scale in 2010 I knew this was not what my sister would have wanted for me. I made a New Year’s resolution that year to change my entire life. My goals were to quit smoking cigarettes and stop using drugs and alcohol.

What did a typical day look like before you changed?

I would sleep in most days and when I would wake up I would eat whatever was in the refrigerator or I would go grab McDonald’s breakfast if I was up early enough. Comes the afternoon I would go hangout with my friends and we would go out somewhere to get high and eat lunch. After lunch, it was time for me to go to work. I would get high again to numb the pain that I felt every day with my sister being gone. While I was working I would eat constantly and go out to my vehicle to get high and smoke cigarettes. Around closing time at work my managers would drink and get high with me before we finished up our end of the day tasks. After work, I either went out to the local bar with some friends or we would find a house party to continue my evening of bad decisions.

Health Feature: Alexander Dimitsas | Life Healthfully Lived

What was your goal when you first started?

My goal was to get healthy when I first started. I wanted to be confident with the man in the mirror.

What did you do to change your diet and lifestyle?

The start of my journey was January 1st, 2011. This was my first day without drugs and alcohol as well as cigarettes. I was trying to completely detoxify my body! I made a mental promise to myself that whenever I craved drugs or alcohol I would go to my local gym (which was 2 blocks down the street from me) At this time I had no clue what I was doing but it was wonderful to be in a different atmosphere. Walking into the gym was a boost of moral to me as well as self-confidence. It was great to be around other people who had similar goals in mind, to get healthy! Cigarettes were extremely tough for me to quit, but I made sure to stay on track and keep my goals within arm’s reach. Every time I had a craving for a cigarette, I stuffed a handful of granola into my mouth. I made sure the granola was hard and tough to chew, in order to take my mind off of the cravings.

Health Feature: Alexander Dimitsas | Life Healthfully Lived

What does a typical day look like now?

Every day seems to be like clockwork for me now. I wake up at 6am and drink a tall glass of water to jumpstart my body for the day and then I take my dog for a walk around the neighborhood and get ready to eat breakfast that usually consists of egg whites and oatmeal. After breakfast, I go to the gym to train. When I first started my journey I was working out, now I train using a strict bodybuilding routine. After the gym, I go to work and be sure I pack enough meals to get me through the day. I eat 6 portion controlled meals a day. There are many benefits to eating 5+ meals a day such as increased energy, reduce body fat storage, control blood sugar levels and insulin production, maintain and increase lean muscle mass. Also with me being a competitive bodybuilder I must make sure I am consistent with my meals as well as my intake of daily macronutrients. After work, I will either work on homework (I am a Purdue North Central student) or start preparing my meals for the next day. Typically if I have some extra time before bed I will do some yoga at home or try and relax reading a book.

Who has been your biggest support?

My grandmother has been my biggest support along my journey. Even when I was addicted to drugs and alcohol she believed in me. I talk with her regularly and she always has some wisdom to shine down on me. Currently, she is at the hospital and just had open heart surgery. I am saying my prayers each and every day that she has a speedy recovery.

What was the hardest thing to change?

The hardest thing to change was my friends. I knew that they would hinder my goals with their negative influences in my life, so I had to make a drastic change. They were not understanding why I wouldn’t hang out with them and party. This was bizarre for them to see me behaving completely different. But I didn’t let a single soul get in the way of my goals.

Who is your motivation?

Ever since I was a child I always admired Arnold Schwarzenegger. This man was 6 time Mr. Olympia, he was the governor of the state of California from 2003 until 2010, he created a world known sports festival commonly known as the Arnold Classic, he starred in many action-packed roles in the Hollywood. This man is truly an inspiration in many different ways. Another huge motivator in my life is Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. or more commonly known as Muhammad Ali. I admired him because of his determination he has for his sport (which was boxing). He was known to sing his own praises by referring to himself as “the greatest”. He was not afraid to let the world know of his accomplishments. Muhammad Ali said, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” I absolutely love the power behind this quote!

How do you stay motivated every day?

Consistency is key to anything that I am trying to achieve. I set realistic goals for myself and I achieve them. The gym has become a refuge for me. When I walk into the gym this is my time to meditate. To release all of my stresses that I hold onto during the day. Also, I do not let myself down if I do not achieve a certain goal because I know that I will achieve it eventually.

Health Feature: Alexander Dimitsas | Life Healthfully Lived

What are your goals now?

Currently, I am pursuing a bachelor’s in behavioral sciences, I would love to work with the troubled youth. I will see where life takes me. I am planning on competing again the summer of 2016. Bodybuilding has become a part of who I am today. Not many people understand the sport, but what matters is that I understand it.

What is your advice to those who are just starting to lose weight?

Stay consistent. Do not beat yourself up if you get side tracked. I can’t stress enough how important consistency is. It takes only 21 days for a habit to form. Also, try to stay away from making excuses for yourself. We all know what we are physically capable of! Also, try to surround yourself with like-minded people. One of my favorite quotes that I live by every day is by Friedrich Nietzsche, that which does not kill us makes us stronger. There are plenty of things that can knock us down, but you just got to stand back up! There have been many problems that I have faced in my life and I always revert to this quote. I may be broken and hurt today, but I do know that tomorrow I will stand up tall!

Health Feature: Alexander Dimitsas | Life Healthfully Lived

That is some great advice!  There will always be excuses and reasons to not take care of your health.  You have to decide that you are important enough to care about.  Alexander did just that and it is certainly paying off!  Thank you, Alexander, for allowing me to feature you and share your awesome story!

If you want to keep up with Alexander you can follow his journey on his Facebook page, Body Edifice, or follow him on Twitter @bodyedifice or Instagram @body_edifice

If you’re interested in bodybuilding, he also has online nutritional coaching and detailed workout programs over at