Taking Some Time


Sorry for the lack of posts today and Friday, but right now other things are calling my attention.

I’ll be back to my regular posts soon and I have a lot of new recipes to share with you.  But for now, hug the ones you love, enjoy the sunny days when they come around, and eat lots of yummy food.

Especially if it’s healthy 🙂 Taking Some Time | Life Healthfully Lived

Four Ways I Care For Myself

I’m learning that I need to take rest days from exercise, spend time outside, find a way to laugh each day, take frequent deep breaths, and spend some time in the quiet without technology and social media constantly buzzing around.

This type of self-care is new to me but I am noticing a difference.  I remain calm longer, smile easier, and feel like I’m actually living life rather than focusing all my energy on being healthy.  Four Ways I Care For Myself | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading