Let’s Talk About Food

Happy second week of 2018 and a happy first full week of work/school since the holidays. Yayyyyy…..

Rather than focus on the fact that you have to work five full days (first world problems) let’s talk about something.  Something near and dear to my heart.  And stomach.

Food. Let's Talk About Food | Life Healthfully Lived

It’s a little crazy how something as simple as food or the way we eat can cause such a ruckus.  Diets and eating lifestyles are almost religions at this point and their believers are fervent that their way of eating is absolutely best.  Which of course turns into food/diet shaming, needlessly shoving YOUR obviously perfect way of eating in people’s faces, and just overall confusion and stress about eating.  And don’t even get me started on how January is like the WORST month to think about food because everyone is on some new diet to try and lose weight.

I think we all need to take a chill pill.

While I try to keep an open mind about food and acknowledge that not everyone will eat the same way, I still fall into the trap of food judgment. I’m not ranting and raving out loud about it, but in my mind, I still make snap judgments about people and their eating habits.  Of course, that isn’t fair because I don’t know the detail behind why they are eating that food at that time on that day.  And frankly, it’s none of my business.

Let's Talk About Food | Life Healthfully Lived

Don’t be like Dwight if someone doesn’t eat the same way you do…

Why am I bringing all this up?  Because food is one of my 2018 areas of transition.


It might seem silly to do a whole post about transitioning the way I eat, but for me, it’s a big deal.  For about five or six years, I’ve pretty much eaten the same way.  I’ve grown comfortable with my eating habits and routine.  But that’s all changing.  I’ve added foods that I never used to eat (meat, ghee, I even tried goat cheese and didn’t die) and subtracted foods that I ate all the time (sweet potatoes, eggs, peanut butter).  It’s hard but necessary.

My health is changing and my eating style needs to adapt and change with it.  Now more than ever I truly believe that each body is different and needs different things at different times.  It’s one thing to write those words on my blog or tell someone else about that concept, but it’s an entirely different ball game to take it to heart and use it in my daily life.


You’ll see these changes reflected in my recipes here because I want to bring you what I’m eating at home.  It’s part of my goal to be more authentic with you and not worry about what other’s will say.  It’s not my job to worry about what others will think of my changing how I eat.  It’s my job to give my body what it wants and work towards my healthiest self.

Ok, food chit-chat done!  If you made it this far, thanks for hearing me out and here is your reward.  Puppies dressed like Olaf, Elsa, and Anna! 🙂 Happy Monday friends!

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