The Path of Totality

Instead of being super bummed I’m NOT camping right now in the path of totality and won’t get to see the TOTAL eclipse, I’m focusing on the fact that I did absolutely nothing of importance this weekend and it was awesome.

Sometimes you need to be a bum. The Path of Totality | Life Healthfully Lived

In all honesty, I didn’t do TOTALLY nothing.  Adam and I went to our favorite second-hand clothing store to try and find him some new work shirts.  This kid goes through dress shirts like they’re disposable.  Seriously.  He’s constantly poking holes through the elbows or tearing things or just doing all he can to destroy the shirts he absolutely needs on a daily basis.  Hence shopping at a second-hand store.  We did find him a few shirts and I actually found this awesome dress for a wedding we’re going to in September.  Even better?  Originally $65 and I got it for $7.  Boo ya!

Yes, I’m bringing boo ya back.

I also spend some time cross-stitching this weekend.  I used to do it a lot awhile back and then for whatever reason stopped.  Well, I started back up a couple of weeks ago and I’m really enjoying it.  It’s the perfect task to just zone out and in the end, you get something pretty.  It’s kind of my version of an adult coloring book.  I’m currently working on a few gifts for people, but I have other fun plans for my cross-stitching in the future…. The Path of Totality | Life Healthfully Lived

Another portion of our weekend was spent watching The Wire.  Yeah, yeah.  We’re late to the party considering the last episode aired in 2008 but better late than never, right?  I didn’t think I would like the show but Adam wanted to try it out because he had heard others raving about it.  I’m totally sucked in now.  If you’re unaware, the show is about the Baltimore drug scene and it was created by a former police report so things are pretty authentic.  It’s an intense show for sure and it’s shocking to see that side of life when I’ve had zero experience with it.  We’re almost through season one and I can’t wait to see what happens next. The Path of Totality | Life Healthfully Lived

The rest of my weekend was designated to meal prep/planning and cleaning.  I know those feel like chores to most people but I actually LOVE both.  Meal prepping and cleaning is very cathartic to me.  I don’t have to think about either one much and I can just get in the zone and go.  Plus, you feel super accomplished when everything is done. And you’ve made the rest of your week even better.  A few of the things I prepped for the week ahead: The Path of Totality | Life Healthfully Lived

All of that took me about 2 hours total to get done, but I broke it up over two days because I had the time.  Just a few hours over the weekend and I’m set for meals and don’t have to think about cooking for the rest of the week.  Awesome.

I’m still planning on heading outside to see what I can of the eclipse from Chicago.  Peak eclipse time for us is around 1:19.  I’m pretty excited because I have never seen any eclipse before.  I also have some pretty sweet glasses that I may try to make a thing.  The Path of Totality | Life Healthfully Lived

Because I’m all about that fashion!  Happy Total Eclipse Monday friends!



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