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I have recipes for you but right now, those can wait.  I have tips and pictures and funny quips and pithy posts, but those need to wait.  I have life and work and activities, but those need to wait.

Because I need to use my voice.  Using My Voice | Life Healthfully Lived

Charlottesville and everything that has gone on since last weekend has weighed on me like an anchor strapped to my chest.  I watch the news and scroll through my FB feed and I find myself in disbelief.  This can’t be going on in America in 2017, right?  This can’t be the world I live in, can it?  How is this still a thing?  How are people still fighting this battle?  Why is this happening?

I realize now that is my privilege speaking.  I have had the privilege of not seeing this fight on a daily basis.  I have had the privilege of not dealing with hate and discrimination and inequality.

Because I am white.  Because I happened to be born the “right” color.

I’ve struggled to put this into words, which is odd because words come naturally for me.  I’m good at words.  I like words.  I use them daily and relish the written language.  But this?  This has been hard.  It’s been uncomfortable.  It’s been scary.  What can I add to this conversation?  What do I bring to the table?  I’m not educated in any of this.  I have absolutely no experience.  What if I say the wrong thing?  What if I incite even more anger?  More hate?  More problems?

For the last few days, I have let those fears and concerns stop me.  I have let them keep me silent.  But I can’t do that anymore.  I can’t sit by and let others fight this fight that SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING.  I can’t be quiet and let hateful groups such as the KKK, white supremacists, and Neo-Nazis roar their message over my silence.

I’m still woefully unprepared and I am doing my best to educate myself.  To try my hardest to learn and understand.  I hope that comes across.  I hope that even though I have my shortcomings, I’m working to change that.  It won’t be perfect and it might not even be great, but it’s what I can give.

I know my privilege.  I know what has happened is egregiously wrong.   I’m doing my best to understand, to support, and to be an ally where I can.  Today, I’m using my voice, no matter how scary or uncomfortable it might be and I hope you use your voice too.

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