Just You Wait

Who has the best husband in the whole entire world?  If your answer wasn’t Katie Dawson, then you’re wrong. Just You Wait | Life Healthfully Lived

Why do I have the best husband in the world?  This right here. Just You Wait | Life Healthfully Lived

A little background first.  Ever since we got married, Adam and I have had a tradition to have our own little Christmas.  Usually not on actual Christmas.  See, around the holiday we’re with each other’s family and enjoying their company and instead of exchanging our presents during that time, we celebrate on a different day.

Just You Wait | Life Healthfully Lived

Olaf enjoying his Christmas present, a new cat tunnel.

It’s really nice.  We spend the whole day watching Christmas movies and opening presents and eating yummy food.  It’s a great way to spend the day and we don’t have to worry about taking time away from any of our family members.  Because I was dog-sitting right after real Christmas, our Christmas had to wait until this past weekend.

Now back to that picture and why my husband is the best.  He really outdid himself this year because I was NOT expecting Hamilton tickets.  I didn’t even ask from them because I didn’t think it was a possibility.  So after I got the things I did ask for (new purse, hat and a ukelele, yes, I wanted a ukelele), Adam said he had saved the best for last and I had no clue what it could be.  When I opened a planner for 2017, I was a little confused/disappointed.  I mean, sure, planners are great and all but I hardly doubted it was the best present.

Just You Wait | Life Healthfully Lived

He’s a trickster that hubby of mine!

Then he told me I might want to look at the date he had marked in the book.  And there it was.  July 12th, Hamilton at 1:30 pm.  Cue completely surprised wife with a huge smile.

Like I said, Katie Dawson has the best husband in the whole entire world. 🙂