Fly The W

I don’t care that baseball has nothing to do with my blog.  THE CUBS ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!

This is really happening.  We don’t have to say there’s always next year because this is the year.  I come from a long line of Cubs fans and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am!  If ever there was a year that the Cubs needed to win the World Series, it’s this one. Fly The W | Life Healthfully Lived

I mean think about it.

This election has been a mess.  Scandals popping up left and right.  People like Gene Wilder, Prince, and David Bowie are gone.  There are freaking CLOWNS attacking.  We need some good in this world.  We need a Cubbie win.  And I’m not gonna lie, a Cubs win would be a pretty sweet birthday present… Fly The W | Life Healthfully Lived

So let’s root, root, root for the Cubbies…. cause they are gonna WIN!