Spaghetti Pie

Every year on our birthdays, my mom would make whatever we wanted for dinner.  It could be anything.  I’m pretty sure if we asked for cinnamon rolls with a side of pickles for dinner, my mom would have made it.  Because she is awesome.

While my sister would usually choose a birthday dinner of chicken pockets (Pillsbury croissant dough stuffed with a creamy cheesy chicken mix) and macaroni and cheese (good old Kraft), my choices usually varied.

One year I wanted stroganoff.

Another year I asked for breakfast for dinner.

But a few years in a row I asked for spaghetti casserole.

It wasn’t anything super fancy but it was super comforting and delicious.  Cheesy, meaty, saucy comfort food. Spaghetti Pie | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading

Dinner in a Pinch + Simple Mustard Chicken

We all have nights where we just need dinner on the table NOW.  Maybe we forgot to meal prep, maybe we’re too busy to even think about planning ahead, or maybe you forgot to defrost the chicken you were going to use and are left with the random things in your fridge for dinner…

Whatever the case, we’ve all experienced a night where dinner in a pinch is what we’re looking for.  Dinner in a Pinch Round-Up + Simple Mustard Chicken | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading