Iced Lemon-Lime Green Tea

I think maybe the second time I met Adam’s mom, it was during the summer.  We had just gotten out of classes for summer break and I was going to spend a week with him and his mom in his hometown of Paris.  Illinois.  Not France.  Just to clear that up real quick. Iced Lemon-Lime Green Tea | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading

Tea Time with Adagio Teas

I drink tea daily.  Sometimes multiple times per day.  I put yerba mate in my version of Healthful Pursuit’s Rocket Fuel Latte and I’ve even started making it with matcha green tea.   And I like all types of tea.  Green, black, herbal, oolong, chai, white, rooibos… it’s all good.  So when I got an email from Adagio Tea asking if I would like to try some of their tea I was all about that.

Bring on the tea! Tea Time with Adagio Teas | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading